Massage for athletes

Massage for athletes
Studies indicate that massage for athletes improves the athlete’s ability to approximately 36% of the massage regularly and prevents athletes from injuries and shortens the recovery time after injury. The course is intended for therapists who work with athletes and any complementary medicine practitioner. The course includes basic and advanced massage techniques. Diagnostic methods (interpretation of x-rays). Anatomy / physiology. Pathology, methods and approaches in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. Students of the course undergo internship in professional spa and sports clubs.
Scope of the course: academic year
► Application of unique therapeutic methods, such as meditation, breathing …
► Coping with resistance of patients to work with body-mind
► Learning about the forces of the universe and the laws of nature together with Kabbalah.
► Sublimation and transformation between these three levels.
► Experience of energetic tenders such as chakras and frequency, which broadcast.
► Using tools from psychology through guided imagery.
The course’s curriculum:
Theoretical and practical studies in classrooms, group practice, participation in medical treatments at the clinic. Participation in treatment projects and more.


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