Medical Massage

Medical massage
Medical massage methods that allow the treatment of back problems, joints, sports injuries, cellulite, scoliosis, asthma and more. The course includes basic and advanced massage techniques, diagnostic methods (x-rays), anatomy / physiology pathology, various methods and approaches in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.
Proper work with the body – learning proper posture and proper movement of the body
Various massage techniques – learning a wide variety of massage types, from classic Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, touch points – learn about the various points of contact in the human body and the correct ways to use them for diagnosis and medical treatment. Western Medical Studies – General Scientific Studies on the Human Body Which include anatomy, physiology and pathology. Diagnosis of medical problems: Introduction to a wide range of health problems and various methods of diagnosis, identifying them as a preliminary part of the treatment process, working with special patient groups; working processes with special patient populations such as athletes, pregnant women and children; Familiarity with the health problems typical of each population and with the appropriate treatment techniques, complementary touch treatments – various treatments in the cold and heat, treatments for orthopedic problems, and various techniques for moving joints.

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