Naturopathy – is natural medicine in translation – an approach alternative traditional medicine, which is based on the postulate inherent in the person from birth possibilities of self-healing and recovery.

The main difference from the official conventional medicine is the point of view of the problem. Usually the doctor treats the disease rather than the patient, He looks at its most narrow problem without considering the body as a whole system, which has a huge internal capacity to maintain health. Philosophy of naturopathy is that nature is able to solve the existing problems with repair, the main thing – to create appropriate conditions for the patient, in harmony with natural processes:

proper nutrition (natural products)
respect for the work and leisure,
physical and breathing exercises,
water treatment, etc.
Naturopath, unlike the doctor focuses on teaching the patient to the principles of a healthy lifestyle,, rather than on the treatment of a particular disease, caused by bad habits and living conditions.

Naturopathy in many ways close to the eastern medical practices, but differs from them in the Western approach, namely the desire to bring under the practice of scientific basis.

Because of its inertia, official medicine does not recognize naturopathy, although its methods, in most cases, it is consistent with conventional medical recommendations for a healthy lifestyle: a walk in the fresh air, eat right, etc.

An important tenet of naturopathy is the perception of man as a system in which the mind and body are connected, and all processes are inextricably linked to each other.

Naturopaths in the course of their work is based on a number of principles:

The patient and the doctor are partners engaged in treatment. In the words of Avicenna – the three of us – you, me and the disease. On which side you stand – and he will win.
Accounting mental condition of the patient, not just the physical manifestations of the body.
Minimizing invasive procedures.
Among the methods used by natural medicine (naturopathy synonym) found equipment from a variety off fields, from psychology to contactless energy impact. Due to the wide arsenal of tools naturopaths successfully conduct prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Naturopathy involves many areas of rehabilitation and treatment based on the use of natural resources. Among the most popular:

Hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches)
Music therapy,

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