Reflexology is a method for diagnosis and therapy using special massage and concentrated on the foot, invented in ancient Egypt. Treatment method is natural and is made using massage and pressure points in the foot that reflect the body’s organs and their functioning.


Reflexology massage improves blood and lymph circulation, and releases pheromones that are found in the body. Massage also improves the process of cleansing of the cells and helps loosen tight muscles and a large variety of health problems.


As part of the studying process we will learn methods of diagnosis through observation, listening and touching, and tailoring treatment to a wide variety of cases. Studies combine theoretical knowledge with practical learning.


First year- Certified Reflexology therapist

Duration of the course: one academic year


Second year – Senior Reflexology therapist

Duration of the course: one academic year


After graduation you will receive a certificate of a College senior reflexologist GODELMAN.

Godelman college is member of the Israeli reflexology union, and the national union of reflexology.


Students deepen their professional knowledge and get more tools for diagnosis and treatment as required in the field, and get a certificate of a therapist by the Association of Reflexologists.


◾internship in our clinic

◾help in finding a job

◾recognized teachers on sabbatical and army dissidents

◾internationally recognized certificate

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